Review: Kids ABC Alphabets helps your kids learn English through a matching game and poems

Help your kids learn the English alphabet using colorful pictures and sounds.

Kids ABC Alphabets is a good learning tool, but it suffers from occasional lag. That probably won't play well with the impatient young children who will be using it. It doesn't help matters that the game, itself, gets repetitive quickly, either.

Kids ABC Alphabets gives kids a list of letters in the alphabet to memorize so they can match it when spoken. The game gives each letter its own digital note card, which comes with a pronunciation of the letter, a picture of a word that starts with the letter, and a pronunciation of that word. When we tapped the word to hear it spoken during testing, we often had to wait several seconds to hear it. This became more and more frustrating as it continued to happen. The game portion of Kids ABC Alphabets asks players to match the written letter to the spoken letter and seems to go on until you stop. Some of the letters are spoken quietly enough to merit several repeats, which is unfortunate. There are a few sing-a-long songs and a writing tool hidden in the app's menus that may serve more valuable than the game, itself.

Kids ABC Alphabets will be sure to entertain the audience it's aimed at for a little while. While this game could use another activity or two to give it more depth, it's still a fine way to get young children started with their ABCs. The thrill will wear off pretty quickly for any children who already know the alphabet, though.

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