Review: Hit the track in addictive Fast Racing 3D

Enjoy stunning graphics and addictive gameplay in this beautiful, stylish game that will excite racing fans.

Fast Racing 3D gives you all of the options, graphics, and challenging gameplay you could ever ask for in a mobile racing game. It's on par with some of the racing games you'd find for 64-bit consoles that you might have grown up playing. If you'd like a similar experience on your tablet or smartphone, this is the game you want to download.

Fast Racing 3D looks and performs like your standard racer, letting you take on computer opponents as well as time trials. Top performances in these levels earn you cash, which you can spend to buy new cars or upgrade the car the game starts you with, which is often enough to beat early opponents anyway. None of the cars in this game come with real-life counterparts, so unfortunately you won't get to be behind the wheel of any Ferraris or other dream cars. You will get to bet on your races to increase your winnings and even unlock cheats to improve your chances, though. Fast Racing 3D's graphics look fantastic even on smaller-screen phones and its controls are incredibly responsive -- even if you opt for the button controls instead of the tilt controls. There is no multiplayer mode in the game. That and the lack of real-world cars are the only things holding back this excellent game.

Fast Racing 3D is a treat that just about any driving fan will enjoy. It's a powerful enough game to hold up to console-style racing games and competitors on Android and iOS.

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