Review: Coloring Pages for kids presents your kids with countless pages and coloring options

Entertain your kids with this digital coloring book loaded with coloring options and more than 200 coloring pages.

Coloring Pages for kids seamlessly turns your smartphone or tablet into an almost never-ending coloring book for your child. Though it requires some setup on the part of an adult, it's easy enough for most kids to figure out. If your toddler won't put your mobile gadget down, this is a great app to help them express their creativity.

Coloring Pages for kids gives your child dozens of different coloring pages to decorate. Many of them are festive, so your child can color a turkey at Thanksgiving or a pumpkin during Halloween, if they want. The app's coloring works similarly to Microsoft Paint or its ilk -- you can choose a paint bucket to paint an entire portion of the picture or use pencil tools to do fine lines. Choosing colors can be a pain, however. The app gives you three slots that are filled with red, green, and blue by default. You can place any color inside of them, but you have to choose the color manually on a grid; there aren't any predefined colors. There is an undo button that fixes any mistakes you make as you make them, though.

While this app could use a more kid-friendly layout, most kids won't care and will appreciate the fact that they can color with just about any color they want. Coloring Pages for kids earns major points just for having a ton of different pages to use. That's more than enough to merit ignoring a few flaws in the setup.

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