Review: Cat Sounds is a fun novelty app that will drive your pets wild

Play one of several cat sounds with the touch of a button on your mobile gadget.

Cat Sounds isn't much more than a novelty app, but it's done well enough to impress most fans of cat noises. It's impressively easy to use and the noises are authentic enough to confuse pets as well as humans. It's the cat's meow for any Android owner who wants a useful but not overwhelming feline soundboard.

This app gives you 45 different cat noises that you can use at any time. Each one has its own special button that can be accessed instantly. There are all sorts of different emotions, including angry, relaxed, romantic, and more. You can set any sound as a ringtone or favorite and can even play it on a loop. We played Cat Sounds for both dogs and cats and they seemed to respond as if there was actually a cat in the room. The app's layout isn't much, but it makes it that much easier to set your favorite sound as a widget so you never have to look at it.

As far as soundboard apps go, Cat Sounds is about as good as it gets. It includes more than enough sounds and is responsive. It earns bonus points for letting you do just about anything you'd want with the sounds, save for actually downloading them. Even without this feature, the app is certainly worthwhile.

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