Review: Budget Calendar for Mac can display your bills and income in calendar format

Enter bills and income to view them in a calendar.

Budget Calendar for Mac is a tool to help you keep track of your budget throughout the month. The interface allows you to easily add and remove bills and income, and it provides you with a clear picture of how your balance will look over time. It does not import information from your bank or credit card accounts.

When you initially open Budget Calendar for Mac, a window will pop up asking you to enter your beginning bank balance. From there, you will go to a calendar, which displays your balance for each day. Since you haven't entered any bills yet, the balance will be the same each day. Right-click on a day and select "Add Payment" to begin entering your bills. As you make entries, the app automatically adjusts your balance for the rest of the month. There are also some links above the calendar that allow you to move from month to month and to view your financial stats in graph format. These can be minimized if you choose.

There is a short video tutorial available from the Help menu, although it doesn't cover all of the app's features or automatically start when you first open the app. Other menus suggest that you can create Excel spreadsheets from the data you enter into your calendar, but selecting them only produces an error message. This is still a useful tool for setting a basic budget and giving you an overall view of your finances from month to month; and it's free, which makes it easier to overlook some of the shortcomings.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Budget Calendar for Mac 1.9.318.

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