Review: IQmango Converter converts audio files into multiple formats

Get ready to play any of your music on any device or burn a CD straight from your computer.

IQmango Converter lets you change your audio files into a format that will play on whichever device you choose. This program frees you from the frustration of only being able to play certain items on certain devices. IQmango Converter takes any audio file on your computer and makes it ready to play on your smartphone or other portable device including iPhones, Creative Zen, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Palm, Zune, and more. You can also burn files to CD with this software.

The interface of this app is intuitive and multifunctional, with a large button at the top of the screen providing access to a drop-down menu for selecting the type of file you'd like to end up with. There are numerous options including Apple media, gaming consoles, popular video, portable players, smartphones, and more. You can also create a custom format if you prefer. After selecting the category and the device you wish to covert the file for, open the chosen file through the app, and conversion will begin. Buttons on the left side of the screen let you choose your output source, including an output folder, iPod, CD, or DVD.

This app runs very smoothly, and although there are a few ads visible on the screen, they don't interfere in any way with the function of the software or the user experience. If you find yourself in need of an audio file converter, this is a great one to try.

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