Review: ImageCool 2013 provides many options for editing and enhancing photos

Clean up your photos or add great effects with this image editing software.

ImageCool 2013 offers a smooth and efficient way to add all types of effects to your photos. From shade to hue to contrast, you can adjust just about every aspect of your photos in this app. Import images from your computer, and you're ready to start turning them into one-of-a-kind photos to share with your family and friends.

The app's interface is not as pretty as some, but it is functional and not difficult to navigate. Under the Folders tab, you can select the source of the pictures you want to import. The Settings tab includes options for multiple output file formats and other technical details. The third tab is for Effects and that's where the really fun things happen. Here you can adjust the color balance, brightness, contrast, and hue of your images, among other things. You can also add cool effects like reflecting the image either horizontally or vertically, or creating a mosaic appearance to the photo.

This app works smoothly and provides a lot of versatility in photo manipulation. It is probably not the most powerful photo editing software available; but for a free app, it offers some great features. Installing ImageCool 2013 actually installs the IconCool control panel on your computer, which makes it easy for you to download any of the software that IconCool produces. Not all of it is free, but you don't have to pay to use the free software, which includes ImageCool 2013.

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