Review: Grand Theft Auto V

Steal cars, rob banks, and raise a family, just like in real life.

Grand Theft Auto V raises the bar on open-world action games. You get to revisit the passive city of San Andreas and live the GTA way: with cars, guns, and a whole lot of things that'd probably get you arrested in real life.


Endless activities: The GTA series has always been known for its neverending list of things to do outside of the single-player storyline. GTA V offers even more: In addition to stealing cars, running over pedestrians, getting chased by cops, and the usual law-breaking recreations, GTA V lets you swim in the ocean, do yoga, shop for clothes -- and commit the occasional bank robbery.

Real-time perspectives: New to the series is the ability to switch between three main protagonists, opening new possibilities for gameplay and strategy. When you're not sniping, flying helicopters, or jumping off a building, GTA V lets you live out each character's daily routine from the mundane to the insane.


Offensive: And for every maniacal, action-packed scene, there are questionable and provocative scenes that will undoubtedly offend a parent or two. GTA V is satirical and comedic at heart, but it confronts players with unpleasant scenarios that will leave some upset. But you probably already knew that.

Bottom Line

Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest, baddest, and most impressive technical feat in the series. To say that it's just an action game is an understatement. Despite the sensational depictions of urban vices, the game's daily routines and attention to detail make the life of San Andreas and Los Santos very much believable and disturbingly relatable. The game's sheer span and the ability to swap between characters in real time add innovation to an already solid foundation. New and old fans of GTA will find plenty of satisfying things to do.

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