Review: Super Mario Bros 3 plays just like you'd expect, but features annoying ads

Help Mario and Luigi rescue the princess in this version of the NES classic.

Super Mario Bros 3 has all of the fun, flair, and secrets of the NES game, but has some nasty ads, too. If you know how to avoid them -- or don't mind them hanging around on your phone -- the game rewards you with some serious nostalgic fun. It's just like playing the real game and you don't even have to blow on any cartridges.

This game is a full emulator of the classic NES game that many would say is the greatest of all time. In it, you have to fight through various levels of Goombas, Boos, and other villains until you take on Bowser, himself, to rescue the princess. The game controls rest right on the left and right corners of your screen, which means they won't be in the way of the actual game unless you're playing on a very tiny phone. It also makes you hold your phone like you would an NES controller, making the game feel comfortable. Super Mario Bros 3 is loaded with secrets and most of the ones we tried during testing worked just as you'd expect. The game uses the Airpush ad suite, which can load your browser and search with ads. That's the only negative that we could find with this app, though.

Super Mario Bros 3 plays smoothly and is a major treat for fans of the iconic plumber. It's an excellent way to kill some time or introduce a new generation of gamers to this longtime favorite.

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