Review: Super Contra is just as fun and challenging on Android as it is on NES

Run and gun down the alien forces in this NES emulator for Android.

Super Contra plays just like it did in the arcade and on the NES in this epic Android emulator. Everything you remember about the original -- including a certain cheat code we won't spoil here -- is present and works well in this version. That does mean it's just as frustratingly difficult as it always was, though.

Super Contra is an exact copy of the original arcade and Nintendo favorite. As you may remember, the goal of this game is to run and shoot alien after alien to get your way to their leader. What makes it different from the original Contra are more inclines and declines in the terrain and the occasional top-down view to complement the side-scrolling shooting you're used to. Your screen houses the controls, which are just like the original NES and very responsive. However, you might find them a little cramped if you're using a smaller phone. Super Contra lets you save your progress at any time or even speed up gameplay -- though we don't recommend that, as this shooter is challenging enough at regular speed.

If you loved playing this game in its '80s heyday, you'll enjoy it just as much on your tablet or smartphone. Super Contra is an excellent emulator, since it gives you the full version of the original classic. Whether you're feeling nostalgic or just want a challenging, side-scrolling shooter, this download is worth the effort.

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