Review: Let your child learn more about animals from other parts of the world in Safari Animals for Kids.

Let your kids learn more about exotic animals using this adorable, fun, and interactive app.

Safari Animals for Kids is a neat way to expose your children to animals from other parts of the world. While it might be a little loud and some of its "facts" are off base, kids will really enjoy this app. It has just enough animals and quiz questions to keep your children entertained for quite some time.

This app tells children all sorts of fun facts about monkeys, lions, giraffes, and any other animals they might find on a safari. The app then has them match facts to the animal. Each animal has a name and distinctive voice, which makes it easy for kids to pick their favorite. A few of the facts in Safari Animals for Kids aren't necessarily true -- lions don't live in the jungle and elephants' tusks are not their teeth -- but we're willing to give that a pass since the app is obviously designed for young children. As such, all of the animals are animated in a very cutesy manner and speak with a somewhat silly tone of voice.

Many kids will love this adorable app and parents will love that it gives them some information to go with their entertainment. While Safari Animals for Kids should have checked a few facts before it published, most of them are innocuous enough not to play a big factor in your child's learning. It's still a solid way for young kids to learn about animals that they might not otherwise know.

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