Review: I AM PLAYR is loaded with fun drills, but it lacks serious soccer action

Build and defend your homeland from an onslaught of attackers in I AM PLAYR.

I AM PLAYR offers great graphics and fun soccer drills, but it lacks actual soccer games. If it let you get on the field and play with a team, it'd be a complete, fantastic game. It still offers solid graphics and responsive, enjoyable gameplay without that key feature, though.

I AM PLAYR lets you run through shooting and passing drills on a soccer field. The ball responds to your flicks -- both direction and distance -- and most of the drills are timed. Advancing through the game follows the time-honored experience tradition, meaning once you finish a drill, your performance dictates how much experience you earn. This lets you unlock more levels with increased experience and power-ups. Though there are multiple drills and multiple levels in each drill, there are no matches or actual games in the app. That means there's nothing for you to do once you've played all the matches and have to wait to unlock them again, except to spend in-game currency to try again. I AM PLAYR's graphics look like they were made for an advanced handheld console and are a treat for the eyes, even on small-screen phones. That adds some depth to the game, which could easily become repetitive after a few tries.

I AM PLAYR does enough to get by and be enjoyable, but a few more drills or an actual gameplay mode would make this app phenomenal. Without those, it's essentially a more polished version of other flick-to-kick soccer warm up games.

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