Review: Eyewatch Basic gives you a nifty panic button to get help

Use a handy panic button to contact a helping hand in an emergency with Eyewatch Basic.

Eyewatch Basic is a nice, easy-to-use emergency app, even if its looks leave a lot to be desired. It's an excellent way to contact a friend, family member, or emergency service in a time of crisis. If you feel like you need it, you'll appreciate this app and the peace of mind it gives you.

Eyewatch Basic lets you set all sorts of emergency contacts and give them your information with the touch of a button. You can set three different contacts: a personal contact like a friend or family member, a doctor, and an emergency contact -- and each one gets their own special button. When you press that button, the contact gets a message with your name and current location. For this reason Eyewatch Basic needs constant GPS input, which could be a major drain on your battery. The app doesn't need that GPS connection to send the bulletin, though. That means you don't need the location-tracking service if you aren't interested in being tracked. The app's layout looks very dated and unattractive, but that means it can have gigantic buttons that could be easier to see for someone who has limited vision, such as the elderly. The app doesn't let you set the emergency contacts as a widget on your home screen, which would be a great addition.

While you could do most of what this app does in Android by default, it's nice to have all of these features in a convenient package. While the package could be a lot prettier, it's nice that Eyewatch Basic focused on substance instead of style. The app is full of utility, which will please concerned parents and older folks, alike.

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