Review: Finding-Nemo is wonderfully colorful, but the gameplay is bland

Catch as many fish as possible with your net as they swim by your screen.

Finding-Nemo doesn't offer much in terms variance, difficult gameplay, or creative elements for older gamers, but it could be fun for young children. It looks decent, but the lack of levels and basic gameplay make it tough to give this game high marks. It's fine if you like looking at fish, but most people will want to stick to more popular aquarium or fishing games.

Though this game harkens to the popular Pixar film, the music, characters, and gameplay have nothing to do with it -- even though there are a few clown fish. Instead, this game sends schools of fish at you that you must catch with your net. The game never really explains where your net has to hit the fish to count, which means you'll find more success from haphazardly tapping the screen. It seems like smaller fish are worth fewer points, but it was hard to tell what kind of fish we caught when we actually caught one. There are only three levels -- easy, medium, and difficult -- but none of them proved that difficult. There is a high score tracker in Finding-Nemo, but there's no way to compare your score to others online.

The creator's claim that this was more of a pet project for his daughter makes sense. Finding-Nemo is a game that seems perfect for kids who just want to tap the screen and see fish. Serious gamers won't find much to like about this game, though.

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