Review: Survive doomsday and race your way out of the zombie madness in Escape 2012

Dodge zombies and obstacles as you drive your way to freedom in Escape 2012.

Escape 2012 is silly zombie fun in spite of its tough-to-master controls and mediocre layout. This game is exciting and easy enough to pick up and play that it will definitely entertain you for a little while. Don't expect much replay value once you've beaten the game, though.

Escape 2012 puts you behind the wheel of a small car as you try to drive to safety in a zombie apocalypse. That means dodging obstacles and other survivors as you grab oil cans and crash through zombies. The game ends when you reach 5000, which isn't too difficult to do -- even if the game's controls are a little out of control. You have to dodge things by tilting your phone, but the game often registers the severity of your tilt incorrectly. This means the same tilt can move you across the screen or not move you at all. It's also very tough to know your fuel reserves, because the game slaps a giant banner ad over your bar. You'll only know how much fuel you have when you're about to run out. While you can level up your car each time you lose, during testing Escape 2012 crashed and would not reload until a reboot after we beat it.

Though it has some problems, Escape 2012 still offers enough fun, challenge, and variation for us to recommend it as a good time waster worth playing at least a few times.

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