Review: Bloons TD Battles gives you a gorgeous, competitive tower defense game

Make your monkey minions pop balloons in this addictive and competitive tower-defense game.

Bloons TD Battles is a stylish, addictive tower defense game with plenty of levels and gorgeous graphics. It perfectly captures the spirit and creative fun of the original Bloons games and adds some serious polish to it for a unique experience. Whether you're a fan of the original physics game or tower defense games in general, you'll love this excellent combination of both.

This game takes the balloons and monkeys from the original Bloons game and turns them into enemies and weapons for a tower defender. You have to place your guard monkeys and other accessories to stop the computer or a live opponent's balloons from damaging your tower. As with most tower-defense games, Bloons TD Battles starts you with a few weaker weapons to take on weaker opponents, but the challengers and weapons both get better as you progress in the game. The game stays easy for a while, but once the difficulty level ramps up, it becomes incredibly challenging, especially when you run into higher level fighters in the game's version of PVP. The game's graphics and music are a real treat and create a highly immersive experience that perfectly embodies the attitude of the game, itself. The addictive gameplay and beautiful scenery are more than enough to make it worth ignoring how hard currency can be to come by in this game.

Bloons TD Battles is an adorable tower-defense game that sucks you in and makes you want to keep playing. You'll be hard pressed to put this game down, even when the competition gets incredibly fierce.

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