Review: Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is a little jumpy, but offers customization and style

Turn your gadget's wallpaper into a working analog clock using Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7.

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 looks fantastic and gives you tons of options, even if it has a bad habit of skipping every now and then. Most people will rarely notice that performance problem and will be very pleased with the numerous ways they can customize this fun app. If you're a fan of live wallpapers, this one is definitely worth a try.

Even though Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 isn't hosted on the Google Play market, installing it goes easily. It does come with all of the typical downfalls of live wallpapers, such as their tendency to hog your battery life and your processor. This app can be less of a battery hog thanks to its black background, but you'll still have some reduced performance. Though you can't change the app's background, you can change font, text color, and line colors. The wallpaper offers more than a dozen different colors, which means a very large number of possible combos -- and all of them look fantastic. During our tests, the app's second hand occasionally skipped one second and then quickly jumped twice to make up for it, but this didn't really bother us too much.

This live wallpaper is very impressive in terms of looks and customizable features. While a clock isn't the most exciting style of live wallpaper, Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 lets you create a specialized wallpaper that will perfectly match the rest of your phone or tablet's layout. Give it a shot if you're a big fan of animated wallpapers.

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