Review: AirCover Security has all the security features you want

Protect your smartphone or tablet from theft, viruses, and more using AirCover Security.

AirCover Security offers all of the best features of most security suites in a very good-looking package. It gives you virus, theft, and harassment protection that is easy to use, even if it takes a minute or two to set up. Though it's still a relative unknown in the Android security world, it stands up well with big names like Lookout and avast!

AirCover Security is a full-featured security suite that protects your Android smartphone or tablet from most problems it could encounter. Though some of the app's high-end features require a subscription, a lot of its goodies are available in the free version. This includes a call and text blocker, a virus scanner, and even a Web filter that protects your apps and browsing from snoops or malicious sites. AirCover Security can help you get the most out of your processor with its performance booster, as well. The app scanned our phone in less than 30 seconds during testing, which is very fast. However, it took a little while to update the database and do some other setup when we first downloaded the app. Though the app lets you use some of the anti-theft features for free, it won't let you remotely wipe your phone or install an alarm for free.

AirCover Security gives you more than enough protection, even in the free version. If your Android is currently unprotected, this download will be just as useful for you as some of the more well-known names in security.

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