Review: Create fun photo montages with Photo2Fun

Insert your images into a variety of interesting scenes with this creative but ad-filled app.

Photo2Fun lets you insert your images into a variety of different photo montages with interesting and sometimes hilarious results. We weren't crazy about the app's interface and its numerous ads and upgrade offers, but the quality of Photo2Fun's results makes it worth the hassle.

Photo2Fun's interface is kind of a pain, with all of the montage options displayed on one seemingly endless screen. To view them all you have to keep scrolling and scrolling. It would have been nice if they had been organized by theme, but instead they're all there for you to sort through in one big jumble. The app allows you to insert the image of your choice into one of its many montage scenes, including a billboard, magazine cover, or a Rubik's cube. Some of them are rather gimmicky -- there's the dollar bill and the "wanted" poster -- but others are rather tasteful, and all of them create pretty high-quality results. The app even lets you send your creation as a postcard. Interspersed throughout the montage options are ads for a photobook app, and there are also banner ads across the bottom and prompts to upgrade every time you create a new image. In spite of these drawbacks, however, we found a lot to like about Photo2Fun. It's an easy way to get creative with your photos, and we recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh take on their photos.

Photo2Fun installs and uninstalls without issues.

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