Review: Expect functional problems from Photo Reflection HD Free

Don't bother with this problem-plagued image editor.

Photo Reflection HD Free promises to add reflection effects to your photos. Despite its many features, the app didn't produce results that we were particularly happy with, and some functionality issues further interfered with the app's use.

Photo Reflection HD Free's interface is fairly straightforward, with buttons across the bottom for editing features, shadow, size, reflection direction, and saving your work. We chose to work with an image from our iPhone's photo album, which the app opened on a background with an abstract green and yellow swirl pattern. The app creates the reflection by just doubling the image -- either vertically or horizontally -- on this preexisting background. And that's a problem, because even at its most opaque, the reflection is translucent and the background shows through. This lends the resulting images a rather odd and not particularly realistic look. Another problem that we encountered was that while we were experimenting with the size adjustment, the app seemed to get stuck on the largest setting, even when we opened new images. This setting allows no space to create a reflection, essentially rendering the app useless. There are other features -- an effects menu that adds Instagram-style adjustments, a selective focus tool, some enhancement tools -- but these tools aren't enough on their own to merit a download. Overall, Photo Reflection HD Free didn't produce very high-quality results, and we recommend that users look elsewhere for an app with similar but better functioning features.

Photo Reflection HD Free installs and uninstalls without issues.

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