Review: Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion offers mobile access to WW recipes

Despite some interface issues, this is a solid, free recipe discovery app.

Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion is designed to provide access to a large library of free recipes and tools on your iPad, while providing advanced tools for paid monthly members. The result is a feature-rich app that suffers from some performance and interface issues that make browsing all of that content unnecessarily complicated in some instances.

When you start the app for the first time, you're prompted to enter if you have an existing Weight Watchers account. For those that do, you can access even more information, but if you don't, the free version still has significant depth with dozens of free recipes, menu creation tools, and online resources and articles. The major issue is not the content, but the app's layout. It doesn't always switch between orientations properly and as a result, the menus are sometimes cut off when they slide out. The graphics look a bit dated and the layout is not always intuitive to help you find what you are looking for. There is a lot here to utilize, so it's a shame when you can't always access it easily.

That aside, Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion is a decent app that manages to take the wealth of information on the Weight Watchers Web site and convert it into a mobile-friendly format. The interface needs work, but even with the hiccups, it is functional and the app runs smoothly enough to give you access to everything you need.

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