Review: Squaready for Video creates Instagram-ready videos from your videos

Convert your videos to Instagram format, add borders, and more in this unique iOS app.

Squaready for Video offers a handful of unique tools to convert and customize your videos for upload and sharing on Instagram. The result, despite a sometimes confusing interface, is a very useful app that provides numerous methods to customize your videos before uploading them to Instagram to share. From borders to text to rotation and more, this is a solid quick-editing tool for your videos.

After installation, open the app and it will provide a brief tutorial on how to use it. The Help menu can be dragged onscreen at any time to provide a walkthrough of the features. The main purpose of the app is to create square videos that can be uploaded to Instagram, but there are additional options for cropping video length, adding colored borders, zooming in and out, rotating the video at 90 degree intervals, and more. The result is not a full video editing experience, but one that allows you to focus on the most important parts of your videos before sharing them, which can be done from directly in the app.

While there is a lot of reading to utilize all of the features here and the app is occasionally overrun by options and ads, the overall experience of Squaready for Video is a good one, offering a much-needed supplemental tool for Instagram. This free app is worth a download for anyone who uploads a lot of videos to Instagram.

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