Review: Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is a fine supplement to

Create recipes, menus, shopping lists, and more with this Web site supplement from Pepperplate.

Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is not a standalone app for discovering recipes but a supplement for those that already use and save recipes from the Web site It offers a number of powerful tools, however, including the ability to create your own recipes, build and manage your shopping lists, and sync with a cooking timer on your iPad, which makes it a very effective app for anyone who has a Pepperplate account or is interested in creating one.

During the setup process, you'll be prompted to create a new account or to log in to your existing account if you have one. After you have done so, you can start saving recipes to your account on (accessible on your iPhone but not through the app), or you can create new ones directly with the composition screen. The menus are sleek and clutter-free and the syncing process is fast if you have recipes or data in your account. You can also create and manage lists in the app, too, which works quite well, but again it works best in tandem with your Web account.

For those that do use or that are interested in using it more for your cooking and menu planning needs, Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner is a great free app that will plug in and offer plenty of features and tools as a supplement. It's not an ideal standalone app, especially with so many others on the App Store, but it offers a great mobile experience for those already using the Web site.

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