Review: PixSplit creates stretched and split images on your iPhone

Combine two images either vertically or horizontally on your iOS device.

PixSplit is an interesting photo editing app that allows you to take two photos that can then be blended into each other or "cloned" before saving and sharing. The app provides a handful of tools to do this, including an onscreen guide and an adjustable border that can be moved up or down or side to side when finalizing your images. This all works as intended, but there are some issues with the layout and interface.

After installation, you can start taking photos right away, but it's not immediately clear what you are doing with those photos or how the cloning effect works. There are two frames available in the free version, one split vertically and one split horizontally. After you choose one, you can take photos for one and then drag the screen until it lines up however you want it to match with the original image. This effect allows you to create a floating border between two images. Combined with additional editing tools that allow you to change backgrounds, add a filter effect, and more, there are quite a few options here to finalize your image. After that, it lets you share your works with your social media networks. The interface, however, can be frustrating due to a lack of instruction or organization.

While PixSplit is free and it does some interesting things, you're on your own in figuring them out. If you can get past the messy interface, it does allow you to do some fun things with your images.

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