Review: photo2video plus turns your photos and clips into short videos on iOS

Organize or take and combine photos on your iOS device with this hard to navigate app.

photo2video is designed to convert photos into videos on your iPhone, and while the final result often looks good, there are some bumps in the road between snapping and rendering. The app's interface is the biggest drawback here, with unlabeled buttons, no clear tutorial, and a messy layout that can be confusing.

When you load the app, there will be a lot of options onscreen but the core of the app is built around snapping photos and adding them to a timeline for your video. This makes it easy to take time lapse photos for a short photo-based video or random shots from an event or trip to add to a slideshow-style video. You can edit the images, add sound effects, move the images on the timeline, and more. This works well, but the interface can be frustrating. Graphics are often blurry and the buttons are not labeled, with some of them not responding when tapped in certain places. Rendering times are decent, but the tools to edit the videos and photos before rendering are hard to use because of that interface. For this reason alone there are a lot of better editors out there.

If you want to take basic photos and add them to a timeline to turn into a video, photo2video plus will get the job done. Most, though, will probably want a more streamlined tool.

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