Review: Type while you walk free uses the camera on your iPhone to make the journey safer

Keep track of where you are while typing on your iPhone with this unique app.

Type while you walk is exactly as it sounds, a tool that lets you multitask, safely. While it may sound like a joke at first, the app actually does what it promises very well, providing a text overlay on your camera so you can actively see what's going on around you and compose text on your iPhone's screen.

The app doesn't have a lot of frills or gimmicks other than what is promised in the title. After opening it, you can start typing right away with your camera actively on in the background. At any time you can turn on the Flash to help see better, take a quick snapshot with your camera, or send the text on the screen to a friend. The app is clean and fast, and while it will certainly eat into your battery life at a certain point because the camera is not meant to be open continuously, it runs very well. Of course the app is not designed to completely mitigate the risk of multitasking while on your phone, but it can help if you need to write up a quick message while on a walk or on the sidewalk in a busy city.

Type while you walk is a useful app that's free to use and with the exception of a small ad bar, is completely accessible when you first load it. It's worth the download if it prevents even one instance of running headlong into someone -- or something -- unexpectedly.

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