Review: Steel Weight Calculator gives instant feedback on the weight & cost of steel

Manage your steel inventory or purchases with this streamlined iOS app.

Steel Weight Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the weight of any amount of steel based on its dimensions and use on your iPhone. The result is a very useful calculator that can provide quick numbers when you are on the job site, preparing an order or getting an estimate for an order. Whether you are a procurement manager who needs numbers quickly or are calculating the value of steel as a commodity for a stock transaction, this is a great application to have on your phone.

As soon as you open Steel Weight Calculator you will find a number of options to choose from for types of steel to calculate. Organized by uses, including construction steel, tubes and pipes, stainless steel, and more, the app allows you to enter in the width, height, thickness, length, turned edge width, and price for the steel (when available for each of these), and get a final number for the total weight of the steel and the cost per gram. The calculator is fast and intuitive and the interface works smoothly with a number of added features like pricing data, trading information, and more. The app is set up for the financial side of things, but it works equally well for quick calculations on the weight.

If you are trading, buying, selling, or preparing to use steel in a project, Steel Weight Calculator is a great free app for your phone. It does have quite a few features locked pending paid upgrade, but the basic, built-in options work well and are useful as is.

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