Review: iSwifter Games Browser is an ad-supported Flash browser for your iPad

View Flash websites and play Flash games on your iPad with this app.

iSwifter Games Browser allows you to view Flash on Web sites that use it, as well as play any Flash games that your iPad would not otherwise support. The Flash playback and interface are effective, but the iSwifter app places many restrictions on their use in the free version, along with heavy ad support to gain more trial time if you don't choose to buy the full app.

The app loads with a clear explanation that, until you unlock the full version, you can only use it for ten minutes per day for one week. During this time you can view any Web site with Flash enabled on it, or you can load one of the Flash games the browser highlights on the home screen. This gives you quite a few options for interacting with Flash content, something your iPad doesn't do because of Apple restrictions. In our tests there were some small delays and slowdowns in loading content compared to a desktop, but it was minimal and the Flash games ran smoothly, even with touch controls.

iSwifter Games Browser is a solid mobile Flash experience and while battery life can become an issue if you spend a lot of time playing games in the browser, everything else runs very well. The app is pricey with a $7.99 price tag after your trial is up, but in terms of performance it's a solid tool.

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