Review: Scandit QR & Barcode Scanner will scan and open any code on your iPhone

Open a QR code or barcode in a browser on your iPhone.

Scandit QR and Barcode Scanner allows you to scan any barcode or QR code on your iPhone and then open it in a browser window within the app. With a universal scanner and a history tool to keep track of what you've scanned and looked at, you can use the app to track and manage a number of different scans. Whether tracking items you want to buy or QR codes related to business cards or ads you've seen, the app offers a nice interface for doing all of the above.

After installing the app, you can open and start scanning codes right away. Just point the phone's camera at any code and make sure the code block shows up in the brackets onscreen. It will automatically process the code and open a browser window to search for the code in Google. If the QR code contains other instructions, it will execute those, as well. Everything you scan is saved in History, which can be accessed in the app at any time, and you can export the code to Safari if you'd like to view it in your normal browser. While there are not quite as many tools in this app as in some other scanning apps, it is well made and responsive. The interface is clean and the functions all work quickly to find whatever you're scanning for.

If you are looking for a solid QR code and barcode scanning app for your iPhone, then consider Scandit QR and Barcode Scanner. It works well and is offered for free.

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