Review: Otaku Camera lets you snap and filter images as manga-style drawings

Turn your personal photos into comic book-style images on your iOS device.

Otaku Camera allows you to convert any of your pictures into manga-style images. There are numerous frames and filters included, which means you can create any number of different manga styles on your phone. It's a fun experience that offers dozens of possible layouts, styles, and frames to share with friends and family when done.

After installation, you can choose an image from your library or start snapping photos right away. It automatically puts a filter onscreen so you can see how the image will look after it is taken, but you can change the filter later if you want to try one of the other frames. Select your orientation, choose an image, and then snap it to put it through the filter. You can then change the line thickness, transparency, and a few other effects to finalize your image, or you can sort through other filters and frames to choose a different manga style or scene for your image. The entire process is fast and intuitive and there are enough options to make the app useful for a while.

If you enjoy manga-style art or are looking for a new filter and framing app that will allow you to do fun things with your images for free, then consider downloading Otaku Camera. There are a few filters locked out pending paid upgrades, but the number of free ones is large enough to keep you busy for some time.

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