Review: Moldiv Collage Photo Editor creates slick collages in a polished interface

Create and share images and collages with your friends from this well-made mobile photo editor.

Moldiv Collage Photo Editor offers a large range of tools to choose from in a well-polished package that is perfect for all sorts of photo editing options on your iPhone. It's got a lot in common with other free photo editors, collage creators, and filter apps, but it does all of those things with a smoother, easier-to-use interface and layout that succeeds across the board in providing what you really want in a free photo editing app.

After you install the app, it will open and show you a large list of possible collage types. Choose one and you can start adding photos to it by tapping any of the spaces on the collage. You can load one from your library, take a new one, and then crop or edit the image. You can also adjust frame sizing and background colors, add special effects, drop in text with the fantastic typography options built-in, drop in stickers, and save all of it to share later. All of these tools are packaged in with the app and it all works seamlessly as a result.

If you are looking for a solid, free app that provides a large range of different types of editing options, frames, filters, text options, and stickers, consider downloading and trying Moldiv. It does everything very well and even though the app is free, it never gets so burdensome with ads or upgrade reminders that you'll want to turn it off. It's a solid app well worth a download.

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