Review: Knitting Chart Maker provides numerous tools to create knitting charts on iOS

Draw on the chart grid with your finger to create different types of knitting diagrams.

Knitting Chart Maker allows you to create knitting charts and guides on your iPhone using a very accessible paintbrush tool. Combined with saving and sharing tools, this app allows you to put your knitting ideas down onscreen, quickly and easily with your iPhone. The screen size will prove to be a bit of a limitation for those that have trouble visualizing beyond what they can see, but it works well for those micro-adjustments you need to make to specific sections.

After installation, open the app and you'll be presented with an empty chart. Tap the paintbrush icon and you can start drawing on the screen using the various symbols on the left of the screen. Select one of the icons and it will appear on the grid wherever you tap. The grid can be dragged around to see the entire knitting chart, or you can work in a small area wherever you happen to be. When done, you can save the chart, export it for use on your computer, or share it with your friends or family from within the app. While the app doesn't offer some of the more advanced tools that other knitting chart apps have, it does work very well with what it offers -- and is a perfect tool for someone on the go who wants to work on their designs.

Knitting Chart Maker is a solid knitting app for your iPhone. It's free and accessible, the interface isn't too cluttered, and the paintbrush tool offers plenty of options when switching between different notations.

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