Review: Face on Coins Booth replaces the face of a coin with any image of your choice

Create custom coins with images on your iPhone or those that you take with the camera.

Face on Coins Booth is a photo editing app that allows you to place your face or any other photo on the back or front of a mock coin. With numerous options for how the mock coin looks and how your image is filtered through and onto the coin, this is a great app that can be a lot of fun to play around with. While there are no paper money options in this version of the app (there is a separate iOS app for paper money), you can do quite a bit with just coins.

Once you install and prepare your first image, you can start adding photos to coins in the library. The default is a generic looking penny, but there are other colors and layouts of coins, and you can change the text on the coin, the image used (either your own photo or one from your library), and the face of the coin. The app runs smoothly and the interface is intuitive, allowing you to make quick changes to the final coin image. Everything is fast to set up and the images look good enough to share on social networks when you are done.

If you are interested in an app that will allow you to add your face to a coin without a lot of cumbersome ads and extra menus, consider Face on Coins Booth. It lacks a lot of the meat that other photo editing apps have, but it works smoothly and the resulting coin images are a lot of fun to share with friends and family.

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