Review: Immortal Files for Mac makes scheduled backups of your entire machine

Protect your important files by storing them on a separate hard drive, using this powerful and reliable backup app.

Immortal Files for Mac secures your files by making an encrypted backup on an external hard drive connected to the machine or over the network to another computer. While it has the same features as Apple's Time Machine, it allows you to back up to a shared network folder on another computer as well as dedicated external hard drives. It's a robust app with nice features.

Featuring an intuitive interface, Immortal Files for Mac lets you quickly check the folders you want to back up. Much like Time Machine, it enables you to peek into your file history via a drop-down menu. When backing up for the first time, you will be asked to set up an encryption password, but after that the backing up process is straightforward. One feature of note is the ability to interrupt the backup operation without corrupting any stored data; you can even unplug the hard drive cable without ruining any files. The app comes with automatic backups turned on by default, which are set to every 30 minutes. While restoring from a created backup we were confronted with a permissions error, which was successfully resolved after installing a helper tool and following its instructions.

Since Immortal Files for Mac incorporates a lot of Time Machine's features, most users will not really need it. But if you have a second computer with a larger hard drive that's connected to the same network as your main computer, this free utility will allow you to back up wirelessly to the other machine -- a feature that Apple does not provide out of the box.

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