Review: ClickCharts for Mac lets you create 2D diagrams and mind maps

Create 2D charts and diagrams easily in order to optimize your productivity and mind map ideas.

Specializing exclusively in the creation of two-dimensional diagrams, ClickCharts for Mac strikes a good balance between features and ease of use, but suffers from an uninspired interface. If you want a quick way to create diagrams, this app is a good choice, but don't expect too much.

ClickCharts for Mac greets you with an uninspired, but nonetheless usable interface. There is a Help file included, which can help you get started. You start by creating a new diagram using one of the available templates, such as Data Flow, ER, Flowchart, or Mind Map. Manipulating objects is easy, as is creating links between them, but there's a limitation: You can link only two objects at a time. The objects you pass through on your way to the destination do not get linked. On the upside, links are dynamic, so that when you move objects around the links automatically update. Double-clicking an object allows you to edit it with ease. You can also add and edit text easily, as well as add images. In terms of performance, the app is extremely lightweight, and while creating a Data Flow diagram of our own, we didn't encounter any glitches.

Want to quickly create a straightforward diagram, a flowchart, or a mind map? ClickCharts for Mac can do a satisfactory job. While it limits you to 2D designs, it lets you create basic charts easily enough, being an accessible alternative to sophisticated office programs.

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