Review: Break free from the desktop grid with Eusing Launcher's unique circular layout

Replace the Windows desktop icon field with this unique circular launcher.

The free Eusing Launcher frees your desktop by organizing icons in a unique, circular layout that appears and vanishes with hot keys. Icons get lost in the crowd in conventional Windows desktops, but Eusing Launcher's customizable circle not only makes it easier to remember where icons were when you last used them but also easier to find when you forget. Eusing Launcher 2.6t is freeware, though a pop-up solicits donations by offering registration.

Eusing Launcher's installer finished by opening a Help page in our browser and placing desktop and system tray icons. The setup view displays the default circle with placeholder icons. A Getting Started wizard walked us through each step, including the hot key combos that hide and show Eusing Launcher, switching between the Windows and Eusing Launcher desktops, minimizing the app, and other important commands. No worries; you can turn off the wizard when you're familiar with the hot keys. The next step is to add stuff. That's easy, too: Drag the file or folder, activate Eusing Launcher's hot key, and drag the icon into position, either in an available slot or in the appropriate group, such as Web sites or System Folders. Once we've linked our items, we could display the circle by clicking Eusing Launcher's large central start button or by hot keys. Right-clicking the start button accesses a main menu with many options, including Settings for changing icon size, spacing, and appearance.

Most Windows desktop enhancements take some getting used to, but Eusing Launcher quickly proved a viable alternative to the old Windows gridiron. Its quick toggle action and circular layout somehow manage to reconcile two desktop objectives that too often are in conflict: quick access and attractive presentation.

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