Review: Create PDFs from scanners, cameras, and files with Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Create, save, and send PDFs with this top-quality freeware.

Advanced Scan to PDF Free creates high-quality PDFs from your scanner, camera, files, and other sources and saves them or sends them. It's designed as an easy means of sending digitally signed paper documents over the Internet using the PDF format, which is practically universal to business. But it's a good choice for anyone since it's easy to use, handles a wide range of image and document formats, works with most scanners and cameras, and creates accurate facsimiles of source material.

Advanced Scan to PDF Free's layout and ribbon toolbar take styling cues from Microsoft's Office suite, but the dark theme gives a unique look. The ribbon's tabs access PDF Preview, Scan to PDF/JPG to PDF, Tools, and Help (including a video tour). Under Tools, we could set and remove passwords, apply digital signatures, and view security information. PDF Preview is a full-featured tool for printing, zooming, rotating, and saving PDFs. The default tab -- Scan to PDF -- imports, scans, saves, and sends PDFs. It recognized and worked well with our scanner (and multiple drivers). We also imported images from our files.

Advanced Scan to PDF Free's large previews and toolbar-based size and compression settings made it easy to create and save high-quality documents from every source we tried. This tool is fast -- practically instantaneous with single documents and small batches. Clicking "Send PDF" attached the image to an e-mail message ready to address and send. Finished PDFs looked great in our usual viewer. Advanced Scan to PDF Free is attractive, easy to use, and produces top-quality results. It can serve businesses and individuals, and the cost is the same: free.

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