Review: Enjoy a fast, intuitive and feature packed Cal: Calendar & Widget

Plan your days and activities easier and never miss a single birthday using this ultimate calendar application.

Cal: Calendar & Widget successfully manages all your day-to-day tasks and activities, allowing you to plan your time more effectively without forgetting anything.

After the installation, Cal welcomes you with an appealing promotional video, which loops until you start the app. The app's interface is basic but appealing -- a calendar displaying the current month. With just a click on the plus icon you can add a new event and set a reminder. There are also a few other neat settings you can adjust for each event -- set a location where the event will take place, add participants, set it to repeat and set when to repeat, and add additional notes. If you like to keep track of birthdays, you'll like the ability to import your friends' birthdays right from Facebook. Using the Settings menu you can set the default calendar and default reminder interval, as well as the theme for your days and events. We especially liked that we could connect this calendar app with Any.DO, as well as with our Google calendar or any other existing cloud or calendar service. Another small but welcome touch is that the app supports landscape view.

If you use multiple apps to keep track of important events, activities, tasks, and birthdays, then there's no doubt you should download Cal. This all-in-one calendar app gives you all the support you'll ever need when managing important tasks and keeping track of any important calendar events coming up.

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