Review: Zoom Camera gives your Droid a powerful zoom and a few nifty effects

Add a zoom effect to your smartphone or tablet's camera to take the maximum advantage of your mobile gadget.

Zoom Camera lives up to its name with a decent digital zoom and even adds a couple of cool photo effects to boot. Though many of its best filters require a premium upgrade, the app has just enough to please you, especially since most people will download the app just for the zoom anyway. Those features are more than enough to ignore a mediocre menu, as well.

This app adds a digital zoom -- up to 400 percent-- to your smartphone or tablet's camera. This means it will crop out excess parts of the image in order to bring a certain part of the picture closer in view. Unfortunately, this can mean the picture becomes extra pixelated on some low-grade cameras. To add to the app's value, Zoom Camera includes a few photo effects and filters you can add to your photos. The effects, which can add color, saturation, and filters onto your photos, all look great, but you'll have to pay to access almost half of them. The app includes several buttons that live on the top of the viewfinder, which takes up a significant amount of room that would otherwise help you frame your shot. While that could be annoying, we don't think it ruins the app by any means.

Zoom Camera is a fun way to add zoom to any smartphone or tablet camera that doesn't have it already. The added filters are such a major bonus that they may actually be worth shelling out the money for the premium upgrade.

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