Review: Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) doesn't let you create a true collage

Explore multiple backgrounds and layouts in this collage-making app.

Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) doesn't let you add any photos to its very small number of collage layouts. It's loaded with neat backgrounds, but those don't do much if you can't add your photos to them. Even if you could, the app's limited number of layouts would make this one a tough sell anyway.

Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) is supposed to be a collage-making app that lets you drop photos into a collage frame. However, once we chose the frame we wanted during testing -- from the only five available frames -- it didn't let us add any pictures to the creation. There were no obvious editing tools for the pictures, either. All that this app offered was a handful of cool backgrounds to edit the collage. There also seemed to be share and save buttons, as well. The app's layout is relatively clean, but there's an obnoxious banner ad right above the menu, which sets you up for plenty of accidental taps as you try to use the app's commands. That's annoying, but not as frustrating as the fact that the app doesn't let you add any pictures to your collage.

Once it fixes that problem, Pics Grid - Collage (PicStich) will be a perfectly fine collage app, even if it only has a few frames to choose from. Until then, there isn't much that makes this better than the several other awesome collage-making apps available.

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