Review: Pencil Sketch Photo Effect isn't customizable, but it does a neat job

Make your photos look hand-drawn with this basic but handy app.

Pencil Sketch Photo Effect delivers you a hand-drawn photo, but you can't do much to edit or alter it once it's finished. There's no way to even change the depth of lines or darkness of the photo. If you don't mind an app that does all the work for you but doesn't let you change the product, this app will give you a fun picture, quickly.

This application takes any picture you give it and makes the lines look like they were drawn by hand. It transfers the photo quickly; it only took about a second each time we did it. You can take a picture or use one you already have. Once the app works its magic, there isn't much you can do with the photo except save or share it. There's no way to edit the photo further or crop it to size. You can't even darken or lighten the lines in Pencil Sketch Photo Effect or add stickers or text to the picture.

Pencil Sketch Photo Effect works and works well, but it's defined by the things it doesn't do instead of what it does. It's in desperate need of some bonus editing features in order to be truly fantastic. Right now, it's just a one-note app.

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