Review: Multi-lens Camera offers plenty of neat shots, but no built-in editing features

Make collages and other cool photography designs with ease using Multi-lens Camera.

Multi-lens Camera has some unique effects that you can't find elsewhere, but it'd be nice if it had some editing features, too. Since it doesn't, you have to download a completely separate app if you want to edit the photos you take with this one. That's the only downside to this innovative and fun app, though.

This application lets you take multiple pictures in the same "frame," giving the appearance that you are only taking each shot with a fraction of the frame. It's a really neat effect that has plenty of cool applications. The app helps you explore all of them by letting you section the lens into anywhere from two to five sections. For each number of sections, there are a few dozen layouts for the photo you can use, letting you build a type of collage with the photos you take. You can't include photos you've already taken, though. You also can't edit each shot individually unless you download another app, which Multi-lens Camera will frequently prompt you to download -- in addition to placing a download icon for it and several other apps in the app's main menu. As far as sharing goes, you can sync your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or other social media accounts for automatic posting. That's very convenient, since the app definitely creates pictures that are worth sharing.

Multi-lens Camera gives you a new way to create fun and interesting collages and photo designs. If it added some built-in editing tools or the ability to use existing photos, it would truly be a five-star app.

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