Review: Love & Wedding Photo Frames offers enough frames and style

Place photos into beautiful romantic frames and share them with the people you love.

Love & Wedding Photo Frames offers a great way to share multiple pictures of you and that special someone. The app has several quality frames as well as a few editing tricks, even if it's ad happy. It loses its luster relatively quickly, though.

This app lets you put one or several pictures into frames full of lace, hearts and other sweet goodies that show just how much you love someone. There are 66 frames in total, which is enough to give you a lot of options, but they do seem a little repetitive after you've used them once or twice. You can up the reuse factor by including multiple pictures in one project, creating a makeshift collage. There are a few editing features that let you reset the way the picture looks before or after you place it in your frame of choice. Love & Wedding Photo Frames does take a little while to set up, since it has to install each of the frames individually. The fact that the app hits you with ads fairly often makes it take even longer to finish your project than you might expect. However, if you don't mind waiting for a little while, this app rewards you with just enough frames to keep you happy. In addition, you can easily share your photos with others online.

Love & Wedding Photo Frames is a fine way of creating collages and photo frames that will bring out even more beauty in the person who has your heart. While the frames might be a little too cute for some, most romantics will get a kick out of this framing app.

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