Review: Kids Frames gives you plenty of cute frames, even if it lacks features

Put your child's photos into one of dozens of adorable frames you can then save and share with friends and family.

Kids Frames is a neat way to decorate your child's photos, even though it doesn't give you many ways to actually edit your photos. What it lacks in that category, it makes up for with so many frames that you're sure to enjoy. If you have tons of photos of your little ones, this app will makes them all the more fun to share.

Kids Frames lets you take photos with decorative frames made specifically to highlight pictures of young children. In addition to inserting any picture into the frames, you can take pictures with the frames already in place or just take a picture and then insert the frames. The app gives you 72 frames to choose from, which hits that sweet spot between plenty of choice and not being overwhelmed by your options. Once you have your photo in the frame, there isn't much that you can do with it. There's no cropping, filtering, etc., save for the ability to put a sepia filter on your photo. You can't even share your photo from the app without saving it first.

The lack of options slightly hurts the app, but is not enough to keep us from recommending it. Kids Frames delivers on its promise of giving you plenty of frames fit for your favorite photo of your favorite person. Even if you only use it a few times, it's more than worth the download.

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