Review: Fun Photo Booth - Fake Images offers a lot of funny pictures

Put your face into hundreds of hilarious pictures to fool your friends and have some laughs.

Fun Photo Booth - Fake Images gives you loads of frames, but its lack of choices kills most of its replay value. Instead of letting you pick the frames you want, you have to sift through dozens of photos you don't care about to get to the ones you'll find most funny. It's loaded down with plenty of ads, as well.

This app puts a picture of you or any of your friends into a few hundred different funny photos. It's a lot like the cardboard cutouts you'd find at a carnival or other similar events. Though the app offers more frames than you could reasonably count, you don't get to pick your frames, individually. Instead, the app puts you into every picture. That means you'll have to sift through dozens of photos if you end up liking one of the frames more than the other. When you first open Fun Photo Booth - Fake Images, the app sends two separate pop-up ads before you even get to the app's menu. You'll have to watch a 15 to 30-second video ad before you see the photos, too. As you're going through the slideshow, you can save or share any picture right from the app, which is a nice feature.

The number of frames certainly merits consideration, but Fun Photo Booth - Fake Images would be better if you could choose the ones you want. Instead, this application makes you page through plenty of ads and pictures you don't want to get the few you do. If you don't mind that, then give this app a shot.

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