Review: Create a funny face in a hole picture effect with Face Photo Frames

Paste your face into one of 30 funny pictures that this app offers.

Face Photo Frames is good for a quick laugh, but it doesn't have enough frames and is far too hard to use. You'll have to fight for a while to get your picture to work in the frame you choose. That, combined with a few nasty ads, makes this app fall short of other, similar apps on the Google Play store.

Face Photo Frames lets you take a picture of yourself -- or a friend -- and paste it into some iconic scenes from history and pop culture. You can make yourself the star of movies like "Star Wars" and "The Terminator," as well as making yourself Pres. Obama's running mate or Lady Gaga. There are only 30 frames in total, though. While that isn't a small number, it's a fraction of the hundreds or even thousands you can have with other apps -- and makes the app lose its charm quickly. The app doesn't detect your face well, either. This means you'll have to do a lot of guesswork to get your face to the right size and position to make sense in the photo. Whenever you finish a photo, you can save it to your phone or share it on social networks in no time. The app will throw an ad at you any time you try to do either, though, so watch out. That gets really old really fast, especially since you'll go through the app's small number of frames quickly.

If Face Photo Frames added more frames or dialed back the ads, it might be worth downloading over some other "cardboard cutout" apps. As it is now, it's tough for us to recommend it.

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