Review: Singer Song Reader for Mac offers numerous lyric sources for your music

Instantly see the lyrics for any song you listen to from one of multiple sources.

Singer Song Reader for Mac solves the problem of forgotten or misheard lyrics once and for all, showing onscreen the exact lyrics for any song you listen to over iTunes. The result is a very useful app that, while not particularly polished or attractive, is very fast and very effective at providing multiple lyric sources for almost any song you load in iTunes.

Installation of Singer Song Reader is very fast and once done the app will open and show you a blank screen with a number of small squares next to lyric sources. When you open iTunes and start playing a song, these squares will start to light up as the software matches the song's metadata against various lyric databases. So for any given song, you can receive lyric downloads from up to nine sources. While not every source lit up during our tests, most tests gave us at least three to four sources and the download times were very fast. Formatting can vary between sources, but the lyrics were often accurate and the efficiency of the app was impressive.

If you want an app that will give you song lyrics whenever you listen to a song, whether for all songs or only when you feel like turning the software on, then consider downloading Singer Song Reader for Mac. It's free to try and offers a great feature you won't find in many other apps.

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