Review: Remo Privacy Cleaner for Mac provides tools to wipe away excess or invasive files

Clear the private files and cookies on your Mac with the click of a button.

Remo Privacy Cleaner for Mac is designed to wipe away excess files from your Internet browsing history, protecting your privacy. It does this by actively scanning for files you don't need, cookies that have long since expired, and other deposits made on your computer that could be a potential privacy breach in the future. It also helps you clean up the junk from apps, browsing history, trash files, and more to keep your Mac clean.

After installation, there are a couple of additional steps before Remo Privacy Cleaner is fully ready to use. Once it is ready to use, however, it is accessible in a single streamlined interface. The intuitive layout makes it possible to quickly and easily see what options are available and delete whatever files you'd like to get rid of. There is a one-click scan and clean or, if you don't want to remove all of these files sight unseen, you can go through and select which ones you want to remove, manually. There are also junk app cleanup modes and more that allow you to customize the privacy settings and alerts you get when your computer starts to fill up with these files. The entire process is very fast and efficient and can be a helpful tool to speed up your computer and protect your personal browsing data.

If you need a program that will help remove unwanted files, manage your browser history, and clean up unnecessary files, consider Remo Privacy Cleaner. It is free to try and costs $29.95 to upgrade but there are a number of powerful tools included that make it worth the price if you surf the Web and access files, frequently.

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