Review: ConverTable Planets for Mac shows a bevy of planetary information

See what you weigh on Mars, how long it takes to get to Saturn, and more.

ConverTable Planets for Mac allows you to compare weights, distances, sizes, and more between any two planets or moons listed in our solar system. The result is a fun app that offers a lot of very useful information for anyone in an astronomy or earth sciences class, or just for someone who enjoys learning more about our solar system and the relative size of the Earth compared to other planets and moons nearby.

After installation, the app will open to its home screen, where you can compare weights between any two planets. At first glance the app looks fairly basic, but the interface is intuitive and very responsive. Add any number to a blank field and the rest will populate near instantly. On the planet comparison page, drag and drop planets into the slots to see the differences in scale. On the distances page, see the distance in different units and time units. You can also switch between different units of measurement for scientific or colloquial examination and there are a lot of options here, going well beyond the basic planets and including moons and the sun, as well.

ConverTable Planets for Mac offers a number of powerful tools for measuring distances, weights, sizes, and more of the various heavenly bodies in our solar system. It's fun to see how everything interacts and compares, but it's also a very useful tool and it's completely free to download with no upgrades needed.

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