Review: Camera Zoo provides templates to add human faces to animal bodies

Snap photos of other people's faces to replace those of animals in this iOS app.

Camera Zoo is a fun idea, allowing you to add faces to animal bodies, but it suffers from a lack of certain features and options when it comes time to take photos. With only a single option for how to take those photos, no editing options, and an interface that feels unfinished, the app could use some additional work before becoming a staple in your photography toolbox.

When you open Camera Zoo for the first time, you can choose from one of seven animal bodies. Each has a face in it already to show you how the finished image will look when done properly. Once you choose one, you can go to the camera screen where you are prompted to line up a face with the open space in the animal body. Here is where the app suffers. If you are taking a photo of someone else in good light, it works fine, but there are no options onscreen to switch the camera to front facing or to to turn on the flash. So in low light or if you want to take a selfie, you can't. There are also no editing options, and while you can load an image from your library to use in the app, its scaling and cropping options are limited, as well.

Camera Zoo's interface is functional but lacks several key tools needed to make the app a solid download. It is free to use and there are no ads or pop-ups, so it runs smoothly in that regard; but unless you are taking a photo of someone else in good lighting, the app won't be very useful.

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